Acknowledging Loyal Service…

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Service Upstands 2
Acknowledging loyal service is important!
Both large and small organisations throughout New Zealand recognise the importance of acknowledging the long term service of their employees. The service awards shown here are typical of the awards we’ve designed for large service organisations. But schools, voluntary organisations and sports clubs also like to say ‘Thank You’ to staff and volunteers who go the extra distance to get the job done, frequently without any prospect of financial reward.
The awards shown here cost from about $75 each, depending on the size and quantity ordered. But for those with a more limited budget we can design and produce service lapel badges or boxed medallions in the $20 to $35 price range.
Honours by the thousand!
We produce and engrave these Honours badges by the thousands every year. Schools, sports clubs and service organisations use the badges for students and officials who are team members or who have a leadership or organisational role. The badges are available in plated gold, silver or copper, with either a polished or antique finish. We can laser engrave any title or name on these badges, and the recessed strip at the top and bottom of the badges can be hand painted with any enamel colour from colour range.
At only $6.90 each inclusive of all engraving, painting and GST, our Honours badge range represents excellent value for money.
Take a look at our stock badges page for more information.